Reductive Printmaking Inspired by History

The 5th graders art project focused on Underground Railroad inspired quilt patterns that were used to give slaves information about how to escape. These were created while studying about the Underground Railroad and the symbols and patterns from quilts that were used to guide the slave to freedom.  The students first created sketches of their patterns and then traced it on to a styrofoam plate. Next, the students made 4 prints on a piece of paper using the first ink color.  Then, with a dull pencil the student rubbed down sections of the styrofoam plate before printing with a second ink color.  The process is long but the students were enthusiastic and really enjoyed doing it, and they turned out awesome!!

Below are some examples:

IMG_20150112_065042 IMG_20150112_065036 IMG_20150112_065025 IMG_20150112_065020 IMG_20150112_065014 IMG_20150112_065006 IMG_20150112_064940 IMG_20150112_064933 IMG_20150112_064926


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